Children aim to make a difference

The children with some of the letters they receive

The children with some of the letters they receive

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Children in Year Two at Walsden St Peter’s Primary School have been trying to make a difference to help blind people in their community and the UK.

Having watched a video before Christmas about Louis Braille, the children became interested in how visually impaired people cope with life. With the help of their teacher, Janet Knudsen, they then researched how blind people do their shopping and decided to write to all the major supermarkets with their concerns and suggestions. As well as braille being used more widely on products, they suggested special labels be attached to items which could be read with an audible pen reader.

Sainsbury’s and Lidl have promised to look into the suggestions and Asda replied: “If you see Braille on any of our canned products you will know that this is down to your hard work and lovely letters”. Morrisons praised the children and said “your concerns about the welfare of those who require special assistance is heart warming and we do appreciate your wonderful suggestions”; they were so impressed that they enclosed a £10 shopping voucher for treats!