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Imogen Thorpe's new website,
Imogen Thorpe's new website,

I’ve been bursting with excitement over the past couple of months while I kept my latest project quiet. Finally I’ve published my website,

It’s been two years since I wrote my first hair and beauty column for the paper. Since starting back in December 2011 I’ve written about all things from home-made beauty products to my favourite in-salon treatments, home hair colouring and my personal experience in hairdressing and make-up artistry.

It’s been something I’ve really enjoyed doing and along the way I’ve learnt so much myself about the topics I’ve written for you.

I’ve become the ‘Go-To Girl’ for all hair and beauty questions and I pride myself on giving good honest, friend-like advice. That’s why it made total sense to store my advice online for you in my blog for you to refer back to when you need it.

While you’re probably not like my mum, who religiously stores away my columns, you might have stumbled across a situation where my columns would have come in handy and wondered what I’d recommended.

I’m always asked questions in the salon regarding things like hair loss, advice on hair extensions or what beauty products I’d recommend.

My website will give you chance to refer back to my past pieces, giving you a closer look while directing you to ‘where to buy’ or extra information in a simple click.

I found that although the internet is packed full of successful beauty bloggers, there’s a lack of professional advice out there regarding hair and beauty information.

That’s where I come in, with a good honest professional and/or personal opinion towards anything from face creams to the latest in hair hypes, all stored on a pretty website!

So what have I got in store for you over at Well I have plenty of new Christmas-related posts for you to flick through, from Christmas nail designs to what’s on my Christmas list.

Posts are split into categories, starting with The Professional. Here I give my professional advice on hair and beauty topics, such as home hair colouring, hair extensions and how to prevent hair loss.

I’ll also be looking closer into hair and beauty treatments available, their pros and cons and whether they’re worth the money.

My Review category looks at products I’ve used or am using. Like usual beauty blogs, I’ll look at how the product works for me personally, but with my professional knowledge I’m able to look deeper into the products and review ingredients and who I could also recommend the product to.

Wish List looks at the kind of products that are on my shopping list. They’re mostly newly released products that I’ve heard lots about.

I’m eager to find out what you, the readers, would like to ask me. What do you require advice on? What’s confused you about hair and beauty-related topics?

You can tweet me on @ImogenPinUp.

Looking forward to hearing from you.