Bike-riding fish? The big transformation has begun!

Workshops begin for the Fantastical Cycle at Todmorden High School. Andrew Ellis-Walker.

Workshops begin for the Fantastical Cycle at Todmorden High School. Andrew Ellis-Walker.

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Tour de Tod’s Fantastical Cycle Parade workshops started last weekend at Todmorden High School and were a roaring success.

Giant bugs and butterflies, bike-riding fish and a horse-bike posse all came into being. In all, 65 cowbow bikes, roller blading butterflies, fish creatures and giant bug bikes were made.

This is what a couple of happy mums had to say. One said: “It’s been so much fun, I’ve never done something like this with my son and I think I’ve had a better time than he did!”, another added: “I made the best cardboard Stetson ever...” and a thnird said: “It was so fantastic to see the kids getting creative making the bike costumes and the decorated helmets were mindblowing!”

Workshops continue tonight (Thursday) from 5pm to 7pm, Easter Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm, Tuesday (April 22 from 5pm to 7pm and Friday (April 25) from noon-7pm for bike dressing, all at Todmorden High School, Ewood Lane.

They are free, and open to adults as well as families – all children below 13 must be accompanied by an adult. And don’t forget your helmet!

Everyone must sign up at one of the workshops to be in the parade.

“This event is going to huge” explained organiser Hannah Merriman. “It’s going to have everything from wheeled grannies playing disco music, a tribe of Pram Girls, a samba band on trolleys, hundreds of community bikes, trikes and scooters, giant inflatable flower bombs and so much more.

“This is going to be Todmorden at it very finest”.

The parade will leave Centre Vale Park on Saturday, April 26, at 1pm and make its way back into town.

There will be street performers around the market from around 2pm to 4pm.

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