Celebrating a special day

Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Birthday Club members who are celebrating their special day this week include the following.

Thursday: Nancy Aitken (4), 18 Longstaff Court, Hebden Bridge.

Friday: Arley-Zac Hewitt (10), 5 Wadsworth Lane, Dodnaze, Hebden Bridge.

Saturday: Paige Ebony Rothwell (11), 1 Lloyd Street, Todmorden; Rupert Christian Evans (10), 19 Hammerton Terrace, Todmorden.

Monday: Connor Joseph Sunderland (9), 4 Robinwood Terrace, Lydgate, Todmorden; Adam Harry Khan (11), 17 Summerfield Road, Todmorden.

Tuesday: Elle Sian Trewartha (9), 48 Hirst Grove, Hebden Bridge.




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