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Safety campaigners are keeping up the pressure on a number of areas of concern.

Members of Todmorden Accident Prevention Council are corresponding with the relevant authories over a number of issues.

These include overgrowing grass at the junction of Harley Bank and Victoria Road, Todmorden, where it was reported grass on the banking at this location had grown to such a height it was affecting sight lines for drivers emerging from Harley Bank. Secretary Derrick Kershaw was writing to Calderdale Council about this matter.

Members are also concerned about the timing of the traffic signals at Burnley Road near Todmorden Bus Station.

Comments were made that the timing on the lights at this location did not give sufficient time for more elderly or infirm people to safely cross Burnley Road at what is a busy crossing spot for the bus station at Todmorden Market and other shops. While it was appreciated that some pedestrians cross at an angle which can affect the timing of the lights, this problem does still exist, felt the council, and Mr Kershaw is also to raise it with Calderdale Council.

Speeding traffic remains of concern, with the council asking for the involvement of police officers to be stepped up. Members comments indicated they felt that there continued to be no improvement on enforcement of speeding offences and agreed that more enforcement action by the Police was needed.

It was reported to the meeting, held at Todmorden Fire Station in late June, that repairs had still not been made to the canal bridge at Shaw Wood Road and at this point the council had not yet been advised of a date which it would be carried out.

The council will next meet at the fire station community room on Tuesday, August 19 (7.15pm).

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