Same-sex marriage bill is divisive, says Calder Valley MP

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This week in his Talking Politics column for the Halifax Courier, Calder Valley MP Craig Whittaker makes clear his views on the hot topic of the same-sex marriage bill. Here is an excerpt from his piece.

Throughout all the debate and controversy surrounding the same-sex marriage proposals, recognition of the purpose and values of marriage has been assumed rather than discussed. No real debate has taken place on the nature of marriage itself.

Craig Whittaker MP
Craig Whittaker MP

Traditional marriage is under threat and has been for so many years. The steady erosion of marriage over the last few decades is a grave social and economic ill. Surely with around 50 per cent of children in our society being born out of wedlock, shouldn’t the state be looking at ways to strengthen the institution of marriage for the sake of children rather than erode the true purpose of marriage even further?


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