Video: Stolen car crashes into canal in Elland

Waiting for Video...

Police are hunting thieves who stole a car and crashed it into the CCalder and Hebble Navigation at Elland.

Police received a call at 6am today (Thursday) to say a silver Ford Fiesta was in the canal, near Elland Bridge.

They believe the Fiesta and a Renault Clio had been stolen from a house in Broad Lea, Elland, either overnight on Tuesday, June 17, or the early hours of Wednesday, June 18.

The Fiesta had stolen number plates.

Firefighters went into the canal to see if anyone was trapped in the car, but the vehicle was empty.

The Renault is still to be recovered.

Anyone witnesses or anyone with information about either car are asked to contact the police via 101.

• Click the link (above) to see a picture gallery of the car being recovered.




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