Mixed views on school parking

A PARENT has criticised “over-zealous” parking enforcement outside a Todmorden school.

On Friday afternoon at 4pm, children were returning to Castle Hill School after a day trip and the coach driver pulled up outside the school to drop them off.

But the driver was approached by a passing traffic warden who said the coach should stop further down Halifax Road.

A teacher on board said this was not possible and the warden then gave the driver a parking ticket.

The parent, who did not wish to be named, said it was not acceptable for the warden to ask the driver to drop the children off half a mile away from the school gates.

“I know they are doing their job but they should use their brains,” he said.

“Fifty children having to walk back half a mile to school is not on.”

He said he could have understood the warden asking the driver not to stop outside the school at closing time when the road was busy, but as the children were returning from their trip later in the afternoon he did not see why the driver could not drop them off outside school.

Parking outside or near to the school has been a hot topic in recent months. It continues to cause considerable concern to members of Todmorden Accident Prevention Council.

Members have been pleased to see Calderdale parking enforcement officers outside the school and hope this will be increased, they reported at their last meeting.