Network to address fears of unrest

EXTRA police officers were deployed in Todmorden last week to provide a reassuring presence following the riots which broke out in other parts of the country.

In response to the civil unrest in London and other areas, officers were on patrol in Todmorden town centre on Friday night as a preventative measure to stop any possible disturbance escalating into something more serious.

The sense of unrest which has been spreading throughout the country has prompted calls from concerned Todmorden residents to set up a support network to ensure violence does not break out in the town.

It aims to channel people’s frustrations and use that energy to do something good for the community.

A spokesperson said: “I know a lot of people are extremely worried and upset over what’s been going on in other parts of the country and would like to ensure it doesn’t happen in our town.

“I know the youngsters are fed up. Also older people are frightened about going out at night, not because we have trouble but because we may have trouble.”

The group is looking to establish a network of “be-frienders” - people who can give advice and offer support to others during tough times.

The spokesperson said: “We need to go back to good, old fashioned looking after each other and making sure the things we have seen on TV don’t happen in our town. We have a beautiful little town, a wonderful place to live and we want to keep it like that.”

A meeting is planned to be held in the coming weeks for people to find out more about the proposed network.