Our baby daughter is absolutely wonderfuel

Lisa and David Cooke, of Gledhill Street, Todmorden, with baby daughter Lacey
Lisa and David Cooke, of Gledhill Street, Todmorden, with baby daughter Lacey

A PROUD father delivered his baby daughter when his wife went into labour on a petrol station forecourt.

David Cooke, of Gledhill Street, Todmorden, was driving pregnant wife Lisa to the hospital but baby Lacey was coming quicker than expected, so he pulled into the Jet petrol station on Burnley Road, Warley Springs, Halifax.

He rang the midwife to say he would not be able to get Lisa to the hospital in time.

“The baby’s head was coming out, so I put the phone down and out she came,” David said.

“I wrapped her up in a jumper and put her on her mum’s tummy, then picked the phone back up and told the midwife we have a baby girl.

“Lisa was sitting in the back seat of the car like a nervous wreck and I’m on Facebook telling people I delivered the baby.”

Lisa said: “Before I knew it, I had four paramedics around me. It went very fast at the end.

“When the midwife arrived she said ‘Is this the petrol station baby?’”

The drama began during the evening of Saturday October 1.

Lisa, who at this stage was already nine days past her due date, had been to see the midwife earlier in the day.

She started having contractions at about 5pm.

David phoned the hospital and was advised to give Lisa some paracetamol pills and put her in the bath.

“She was in the bath about ten minutes and had four contractions,” he said.

“I phoned the labour ward and they said bring her in.

“I took our son round to his grandma’s as she lives just round the corner.

“I then put Lisa in the car and tried to get her to the hospital as quickly as I could.

“But I kept getting stuck behind dawdlers on the road.

“When we got to Mytholmroyd, her waters broke.

“Going past Tuel Lane she said she felt like she was pushing and could feel the baby coming.

“I got to the petrol station and pulled in.”

Baby Lacey was born at 10.30pm, weighing 9lbs 5oz.

She is a little sister to David and Lisa’s son, four-year-old Bailey.

“He absolutely loves her,” Lisa said.

“He wants to cuddle her all the time.

“We have filled our camera with photos.”