Pick it up, or face £50 fine

POLICE and community wardens have been doing joint patrols to prevent dog fouling.

PCSO Elayne Wright and community warden Paul Creek have been patrolling the Rochdale Canal towpath and the Key Sike Lane area of Todmorden to reinforce the message that pet owners who fail to pick up the dog waste and place it in the bins provided could be given a £50 on the spot fine.

PCSO Wright said: “We will be doing periodical patrols in these areas at all times of day and night, and with summer just around the corner we would like the people of Todmorden to be able to take children walking or cycling along the canal in a clean, dog waste free, safe environment.

“Nappy bags are inexpensive to buy and take up little room in pockets or bags, so please remember if you are taking the dog out for a walk, take a bag with you and avoid a £50 fine.”

Calderdale Council has recently provided six new bins along the canal towpath, so there are now a total of 12 between Woodhouse Road and Walsden.