‘We should have input’ - council

COUNCILLORS are furious that a group has been holding meetings about the future of two key sites in Todmorden without their input.

Todmorden town councillor David O’Neill accused Todmorden Pride of convening meetings with “representatives of certain major developers who wish to move into the town” without inviting the town council’s representatives on the group’s board, or any other town councillors.

Speaking at last week’s town council meeting, Coun O’Neill said that showed very little respect.

“I believe this town council should take action against any society or individuals who, although they are not governed by our code of conduct, appear to feel that they have the right to meet with and make decisions on the future of our town without this town council’s knowledge.

“Without such answers, I believe that we as a town council will continue to play second rate citizens in major decision making and if we allow these unelected ‘do gooders’ to win then we may as well resign en bloc, leaving these quangos to speak for Todmorden and therefore save the taxpayers the large amount of money that is regularly paid out to elect us.”

Coun Dorothy Jordan said: “I know that we have two town councillors on the board of Todmorden Pride. To not involve them is very remiss and we should take them to task.”

Coun Ian Davey said: “If we are not given the opportunity to attend these meetings, how can we represent the town as town councillors?”

Coun Joe Rez felt that the town council should work with Todmorden Pride and other voluntary groups because they have the best interests of Todmorden at heart.

Coun Hilary Myers said: “I’m concerned that if we sound a tone of disappointment, it might have a negative effect on the relationship between the groups.”

The town council has written to Todmorden Pride addressing its concerns. The group’s chairman has been invited to the next full meeting of the town council to discuss the matter.