A Yorkshire town, so put an HX8 stamp on!


I completely agree with Margery King’s letter advocating an HX8 post code for Todmorden.

It is now well over a century ago that the whole of “The Borough of Todmorden” was placed within the county boundary of “The West Riding of Yorkshire”, so after all these years of misconception surely the time has now come to ditch the OL14 postcode and stamp a true Yorkshire identity on the town and its residents.

I for one would welcome a referendum on the issue,hoping that the outcome would result in the severing of the Todmorden, Lancshire, label forever.

It is also worth remembering that everyone alive today who was born in Todmorden can proudly proclaim that “I AM A YORKSHIREMAN or I AM A YORKSHIRE LASS.”


I’m all in favour of a Yorkshire postcode, Todmorden needs it’s own identity, not a split one.

I was born and bred in Todmorden within the Yorkshire boundary.

The Oldham postcode hinders us all and quite frequently post doesn’t reach it’s destination if posted in Todmorden, I feel this is a direct reflection on the Oldham sorting office so I have resorted to travelling to Hebden Bridge to post anything and have found no problems since.

There was a referendum around 15 years ago and 75 per cent voted for the Yorkshie postcode but nothing was done about it. We are a Yorkshire town and should be recognised as such!



Whiteplatts Street,


With regard to the discussion about Todmorden’s Oldham postcode the reason I was told is as follows although I have no way to prove this either way.

Apparently in the early days of the STD code incoming mail to Todmorden could go via the nearest sorting offices geographically and this was either Oldham or Wakefield.

Reputation has it that it took (or would take) one to two days longer if sorted through Wakefield compared to Oldham hence the decision to use the OL code.


Roomfield Court,


I WOULD like to agree with everything written in last week’s issue regarding our postcode.

It’s ridiculous for Todmorden aways being classed as in Lancashire.

My mother was born in 1901 and on her birth certificate it states “born in Todmorden in the county of Yorkshire”.

So bring on a referendum - I’m sure all Todmordians who love our town will agree.