Breathing new life into town centre

HERE we go again as soon as a national company wants to invest in Todmorden, there’s a problem.

It’s the same old story - existing businesses will lose trade (now where have I heard this before?). As for driving prices down I am all for it, any savings that can be made at the moment are most welcome.

I fully agree that a lot of local pubs and cafes are trying hard, you only have to walk past the market to see this, and all concerned must be congratulated. Your article states “national chains do not put anything back into the local economy”, however J. D. Wetherspoon do make charitable donations both at national and local pub level.

Let’s embrace these changes for the better, and get some new life back into what has become another blot on the town centre.

Stephen Greenwood,

Nutfield Street, Todmorden.