Just another ‘low end’ look

Claremont Cottages, Warland.

I WASN’T surprised to read that local architect Ivor Dibble supported the proposal for the new Netto superstore (letters, March 3) especially seeing as he was instrumental in drawing up the new plans.

Speaking at the town hall last week, James Gregory, chairman of Todmorden Pride informed councillors Mr Dibble had spent three days working on them, so it is only natural that he’ll favour this design over the other.

Brushing aside comments made by a number of conservation experts quoted in the Todmorden News, Mr Dibble claims that retention of the Art Deco façade would require “uneconomic construction”, yet surely money should not be the overriding factor ?

I myself have found little support within the town for the latest design.

With an unimpressive front entrance that resembles a number of other Netto stores in the North of England it will just look like any another low-end supermarket.

A restored façade would give the town a completely fresh design that you don’t see everywhere.

No-one disputes that Todmorden Pride has every right to consult with Netto, yet it has to be said, their current stance on supermarkets in the town is a little puzzling.

In 2005 they tried to have both the Olympia and Abraham Ormerod buildings listed, and at a meeting in June 2010 they agreed that “another supermarket in the town would completely kill retail trade in the town centre”, then last week we were told that a new Netto would “strengthen the retail heart of the town”.

Regarding the Halifax Road site, in your letters, October 27, 2010, Mr Dibble called on Sainsbury’s to “make this the landmark building that Todmorden deserves”.

This doesn’t sound like much of an objection to a new store, merely a concern about the proposed design, and will no doubt come as a shock to those market traders who have been duped into supporting Netto, in an attempt to mount a united front against Sainsbury’s.