Let the obscenely-rich of Britain become our benefactors...we’re in this debt mess together

IF Michael Taylor had lived in Todmorden throughout the last decade, he would know that I agreed with Bryan Gould that “New Labour” was not Labour.

My loyalties were local with strong support of Chris McCafferty MP who made optimal input nationally on our behalf.

Of course the national debt, on a par with our Europoean near neighbours, is too high - a root cause being Thatcher’s ending of surtax on fat-cat incomes.

The cost of “Blair’s Wars” was and is no help; and billions are thrown away on Trident. Here at least Michael and I agree that updating this evil weapon should be abandoned.

Though I felt it dicey to throw vast sums into warding off total collapse of guilty banks, I neverless claim that Brown showed the urgency of response needed, his “world-saving” tour pressing Governments to regulate the system.

Our urgent task is how to face the present and future and here I have no quarrel with Michael’s call for “a judicious mixture of paying down debt and restructuring the economy”.

Here I declare my outrage at the Cameron-Clegg condemnation of the bonus culture which City bankers continue whilst the Con. Dem coalition inflicts cruel cuts as usual on the most vulnerable.

Hardship trickles down as always, whilst the Con. Dem misalliance has an eight year timetable of bank regulation, in contracts with the overnight trial and escalated punishments for peripheral looters after the deplorable riots.

The Lib.Dems could achive Michael’s “judicious mixture” by pulling out of the coalition and reining in the minority Tories, but they don’t, and our Libs show n signs of pressing their leadership on this.

As for the proposed £150,000 cuts in Calderdale’s libraries, this could be averted by stopping councillors’ payments and reverting to the voluntary system of last century. What’s the sense of leaving the bookshelves behind locked doors, sacking excellent librarians, and paying them minimised “benefits”for doing nothing. That’s no way to industrial revival.

It remains necessary, however, to press our MP Craig Whittaker to use all his influence the persuade the Government to adjust the balance of its policies closer to the humane and Christian principle that it behoves the strong to help the weak.

Your readers may care to join me in writing to him at the House of Commons, pointing out that “we’re all in it together” must be applied to the bankers, company executives, pop and football stars, big lottery winners, plump investors...

Let all obscenely-rich Britons now pay enough in taxes to make them our benefactors rather than parisites.

Coun Frank McManus,

Longfield Road,