Todmorden has to have more to offer

I AGREE wholeheartedly with Arty Cox’ letter in last week’s Tod News.

I know many other people who also share his views. We have to stop all this complaining every time any business shows some interest in our town - especially when they are intending to sort out another potential eyesore!

Only a large company would have the courage to take on a pub the size of the White Hart. Wetherspoons can afford to promote it and run at a loss if necessary until the business picks up.

Would you rather see the beautiful White Hart pulled down, creating yet another demolition site? Other local pubs that are well established are indeed trying hard and I don’t believe they will lose trade.

At the moment many Todmordians go to Hebden for a night out and to Burnley or Halifax to shop.

We have to have more in Tod to keep local people here, using our own shops, market, pubs, cafes and restaurants in the town.

We also need to entice new customers from out of town to visit. Please stop moaning and start encouraging enterprise!

Ann Fielden,

by email