Longbows show style at White Rose club

White Rose Archers held their annual Short Western Two-Way longbow tournament for the Gordon Foster Memorial Trophy.

Three arrows are shot and scored then the archers turn and shoot three in the other direction. Eight dozen arrows are shot at distances of 50 and 40 yards.

Members who do not have longbows are allowed to shoot the club’s one piece glass-fibre bows with wooden arrows.

Results - Men: 1, Nigel Smethurst; 2, Jack Rogers; 3, Ian Wright.

Women: 1, Naomi Neale; 2, Janice Parrot; 3, Julie-Anne Thomas.

Juniors: 1, Ben Fitton; 2, George Seaborne; 3, James Kay.

Junior best gold, James Kay; senior best gold, John Ball, who also won the Wand (nearest the spot on a very narrow target)

Most blues: Sheila Hudson.