Poet will have you in tucks

Multi-award winning poet, playwright and stand-up comedienne Jackie Hagan is guaranteed to have everyone in stitches at the latest Puzzle Poets at the Blind Pig poetry night on Monday, September 5 (starts at 8pm).

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 12:00 pm

Jackie, who is from Manchester and who recently featured in Channel 4’s series ‘Limb Pimpin’, descibes herself as a ‘one legged cosmic scally who downs champagne from her glittery false leg’.

These events which take place on the first Monday of every month were started by a group called Puzzle Hall Poets who moved to the Blind Pig when the Puzzle Hall closed at Christmas.

“Poetry nights are very popular,” says Freda Davis. “Jackie Hagan is very well known and hugely funny. She has been touring her one woman show.”

There’s no entry fee but a collection is taken.