Teacher’s Podcast launches in Halifax

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Halifax-based educational resource provider, Classroom Secrets, are set to further expand their services to teachers with the launch of their Teacher’s Podcast.

Releasing weekly on all major podcasting platforms, the Teacher’s Podcast shines a spotlight on educational trends and tips, while inviting guests from the industry to provide their own insights and how best to help teachers.

The show will be hosted by Claire Riley, Managing Director of Classroom Secrets and business development coach.

Established in 2013, Classroom Secrets have undergone significant growth since their incorporation, and their innovative range of educational resources are now used by over 50,000 teachers across the country teaching Key Stage 1 and 2 children. The company was started by Director Claire Riley after being unable to find the resources she needed during her time working in education.

Recently, the company has been expanding beyond producing resources, taking a holistic approach to the teaching industry as a whole. Currently their ‘life work balance’ survey has over 10,000 responses, seeking to determine how teachers view their jobs and how they could be better supported in the sector.

Speaking on the launch of the podcast, Claire Riley said: “Classroom Secrets is made for teachers, and a lot of our staff are either ex-teachers or have previously worked in schools.

“Our mission is to make life easier for teachers so that they can focus on providing the highest quality education for their pupils.

“The launch of our new podcast is yet another way for those people to learn, get the help and support they need, as well as get vital insights from some of the leading figures in the industry.”

The podcasting industry has grown dramatically over the past few years, in size as well as value. In 2018, the industry generated an estimated £385 million in advertising revenue, forecasted to rise to £800 million by 2021. Apple have been rumoured to fund Apple-exclusive podcasts, and Spotify plans to spend up to £400 million this year on Podcast-based acquisitions.

Claire added: “We’ve seen how big the audience is for on-demand information like our podcast, but this isn’t a business or financial decision. The Teacher’s Podcast is about us providing another resource for our teachers to be the best they can be.”