Mastectomy mum tells of her struggle

Sarah Douthwaite is going 'sober for October' to raise money for MacMillan.
Sarah Douthwaite is going 'sober for October' to raise money for MacMillan.

A cancer survivor has told of her struggle after she opted to have drastic surgery to remove her breasts and ovaries.

Six years ago, Sarah Douthwaite was devastated to find out that she had breast cancer, and would have to have one of her breasts removed.

After the surgery and a gruelling 18-month course of chemotherapy, the mum-of-two went into remission.

Five years later, she made the brave decision to have genetic testing, and was delivered another blow.

She said: “It could have gone either way, but I’d already decided what I’d do if it was bad news.”

Sarah was told she had a 90 per cent of getting cancer in her other breast and 40 per cent chance of getting ovarian cancer.

She said: “I was absolutely gutted when I found out. I was a complete mess over the summer holidays.”

Sarah asked to be put on the NHS waiting list for a voluntary mastectomy and removal of her ovaries.

“I just bit the bullet and had another mastectomy, and with that I had my ovaries removed.”

After a tense few months of waiting, Sarah had the surgery in Febuary and says she hasn’t looked back since.

“There’s still a chance that I could get cancer again, but the less chance the better.

“I am sad not to have the option of any more children, but I’ve got two boys and I feel really blessed that I had them before I had cancer.”

Sarah has now recovered from the life-changing operation and says she is glad that people are becoming more aware of the risks of cancer.

“People are checking themselves, which is so important.”