If you walk along Water Street, you cannot help but notice a pile of dolls, tiny shoes, lace bonnets and more in the window of Water Street Gallery.

The more than 80 randomly arranged pieces form an installation called “Maternal Memories” by graduate artist Anita Pullan.

Anita came up with the idea for her installation after visiting the Foundling Museum in London.

“I wanted to create representations of some of the pieces from my own collection of memorabilia by making textile replicas of these precious objects in textile, and then casting them in Bone China,” she said.

“Bone China is a very white material to work with and so would give a ghostly matt white appearance to the surface of the finished pieces, contrasting with additional touches of real golden lustre, which allude to the object’s status as a precious treasure.”

Anita initially studied history at university before becoming a paediatric nurse working with premature babies. She later became a mother herself.

The exhibition at Water Street Gallery runs throughout February and March.

There will be a “Meet the Artist” event on Thursday March 3 at 1pm. Call 01706 839716 to book a ticket.