Can you help Chris in his search for Rovers?

LICENSEE Chris Donoghue is hoping readers may be able to help him fill in some gaps in a record his is displaying of a highly-rated local side.

Chris runs the Glen View, Burnley Road, Cornholme, and back in the first quarter of the 20th century the area’s local team was the highly rated Portsmouth Rovers.

Perhaps the most famous player Rovers produced was Billy Nesbitt, the skillful winger who played top flight football. Nesbitt, who was deaf, was not inhibited by his disability in a professional career that saw him win the game’s major prizes, an FA Cup winners’ medal and a Football League First Division Championship medal, both with Burnley, in 1914 and 1921 respectively.

The same side’s goalkeeper. Jerry Dawson, who also won a league championship medal, was also said to have been on their books.

The team certainly seem to have had pedigree, although they struggled at the higher Lancashire Combination level tat which they played for a while. They competed several times in the early rounds of the FA Cup.

Chris is trying to display photographs of the team, which disbanded around 1926, to create a history of the team but is missing some images he believes may exist.

“I am trying to find out the history of Portsmouth Rovers which ran until about 1926 and hope to frame photographs and hang them on the wall.

“I have located some pictures but there may be more and would welcome extra information. “All the photographs are in black and white, so we don’t even kniow what colours they played in, for example,”he says.

Chris can be contacted on 07747 115011 is anyone can help with more images or information.