Denise hopes to reunite friends for Anna’s visit

Denise's Todmorden Secondary School class circa 1959
Denise's Todmorden Secondary School class circa 1959
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On the eve of a reunion with an old friend, a Todmorden reader has sent in this photograph of their class and hopes.

Mrs Denise Routledge, nee Berry, is pictured fourth from the left on the girls line of this Todmorden Secondary School class group.

Denise says: “The girl on my left is one of my friends, Anna, who left school to live down London way at 14. We kept in touch till we were probably about 18 and I found out she later married and moved to Ireland.

“Last year I decided to look for her on the internet and was beginning to give up hope until October last year when she turned up at my door with her brother Fred who was looking for his school pal as well, whom he found.

“It was great seeing them again.

“ I have been over to Ireland since for a short break as well and this has instigated me into trying to get the people on the photo together - if it is possible as Anna is coming over here in October anyone interested can contact me on my mobile 07718518243.”

The names, starting at the back row, are: Leonard Fielden, Mark Wheeler, ?, Darrell Sunderland, Peter Chadwick, Brian Sidlow, Brian Earnshaw, Stephen Clayton, ?, Ian Fielden, ?, Keith Stuttard, Ian Carling and John Longbottom; middle, Susan Dobson, Sylvia Nutter, Celia Barrett, Denise Berry, Anna Fosbrook, Jeanette Feber, Linda Downs, ? Geraldine Spencer, Ann Lee, Ann Laxton. On the bottom line, second from the end, is Tony Greenwood.