Hair and Beauty with Stone Hair Art: Free to do what we want

Wella Professional Illumina hair colour
Wella Professional Illumina hair colour

Free!” Free to choose. Free from things, things for free, free speech, “carefree”, “hassle free”! “FREE” is a word of multiple dimensions and personal proportions, we’d all agree.

Throughout our history, our use of “free” changes from time to time. Simultaneously we want to be “free” of debt while “free” to spend.

Valentine’s night: a time to celebrate love, few want to be “free”.

During Halloween we feel free to dress and act as outrageously as we dare, and that “daring” trend is growing; freedom does that, it makes people grow.

2014 means we “freely” communicate globally; we use “hands” free devices to express and entertain ourselves, we use free “applications”. Our will to be free is boundless. A crystal clear image of who we really are emerges when we are free; multi-dimensional beings with far reaching proportions.

For some people this is new ground. Some have always done the accepted, or expected; cautious not to be too “free”!

Today’s world is about freeing our voice, expressing our inner self, our individuality; individualised fashion feels “freeing”, with “transparency” highlighting the way.

I was inspired by this when reading a fashion article reviewing FREEDOM as 2014-15’s theme in hair and clothing trends. Clothing and accessories are adorned with our “tweets” and today’s hair styles broadcast our sense of “right here right now” freedom as clear as a bell.

For some, even in fashion, freedom takes getting used to. Newcomers to freedom don’t always know how to make the most of it. Freedom takes change. Freedom takes knowledge. Freedom takes courage.

Loucas Giorgio, of Stone Hair Art in Todmorden, has some helpful advice. “Use freedom and knowhow to stretch your boundaries”.

Loucas suggests adding fresh colour to free up your style outlook. “Colour sets you free, it expands you, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

“My clients visit my salon to achieve a certain individual colour and I teach them things to do at home to keep their colour fresh between salon visits.

“I always want my clients to have the best value for their money so I carry specialist products unavailable in mass markets.

“Today’s client is a DIY’er. We educate our clients in how to use our specialised products at home to sustain their colour.

“People invest a lot on hair over a lifetime. If you want to get your money’s worth, it won’t be found in a package on a grocery store shelf.

“Specialist salons like ours help clients tailor a colour and individualise care. The major store chains can’t do that, they generalise.

“We know what the industry has to offer and knowing how to use new products efficiently gets you true value for money.”

The fashion industry is built to change quickly, and part of the benefit is its ability to meet consumer demand efficiently.

A lot of time and money is invested to offer clients the finest colour, and new standards are being set all the time.

Tailoring colour to your individual taste is the way forward. Loucas’s business partner Trevor elaborates.

“Some salons like to stick to the same old thing for years. That’s great for them, that’s what they’re accustomed to and they do it well. Their clients don’t know what’s new and don’t care to know.”

Loucas adds: “My client demands the latest improvements and innovations. We keep our salon moving ahead with advanced training on new techniques and adapt the latest science for better ways of doing things with transparency.

“Clients want products able to enhance and revive their hair’s natural beauty and brilliance. Keeping up to date with the companies offering the newest technology takes investment and commitments.

“It means making changes affecting everything including staff; however change is the only way to constantly provide my client the best.

“If a client isn’t made aware of new applications, how can they benefit from the latest innovations and improvement hair care can offer them?”

Loucas has helped a lot of DIY technicians frustrated with results who come to him for repairs. His advice? “Avoid off the shelf products.

“The plethora of products available for retail purchases can make it confusing for the client; even damaging.

“A specialist salon like ours takes the time to talk through the essentials and teach clients tricks of the trade. There is a down side to colour, get it wrong and it can be quickly ageing.

“Keeping a shade looking pristine can also be chemically challenging and an expensive process. Particularly if your favourite colour is a lot lighter than nature intended.” Colour and care; a sophisticated world best guided by professionals.

Trevor, Stone Hair Art’s business director, said: “With various oils and intensive treatments available there are no excuses for clients not having stunning colour and well-conditioned hair.

“Professional shampoos and conditioners are paramount for coloured hair as hair can become dryer with age and treatments.

“A deep conditioning treatment once a week gives an added boost to colour; it locks in the moisture and keeps that dry look and feel at bay.

“You want the best and you can have the best.” Great!

In summary a personal colour consultation, like those at Stone Hair Art, now gives you the freedom to safely mix all the colours you choose, without worrying about colours bleeding into each other; or allergies, or breaking the bank.

You can have quick solutions lasting a few shampoos or long term solutions; with safe, brilliant colour staying natural longer.

As Loucas says: “Colour trends come and go, but whilst we are free to safely wear any colour we please today, it’s also obligatory and easy to keep it looking fabulous no matter what your hues.

“If you want to improve your colour, or just want it toned, stop in and let us pamper you, starting with a free, friendly consultation.”