Some storming shows to entertain everyone

The Eye of the Storm, being screened at Hebden Bridge Picture House
The Eye of the Storm, being screened at Hebden Bridge Picture House

Screening a film called ‘The Eye of the Storm’ might be tempting fate in Hebden Bridge in June but when it stars Charlotte Rampling and Geoffrey Rush, it’s got to be worth the risk.

In the Sydney suburb of Centennial Park, two nurses, a housekeeper and a solicitor attend to Elizabeth Hunter (Rampling) as her ex-patriate son and daughter convene at her deathbed.

But in dying, as in living, Mrs Hunter remains a powerful force on those who surround her.

The 15-rated film, based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Patrick White, is screened today at 10.30am and 7.45pm.

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, French subtitled romcom ‘Populaire’ (12A) will add a little je ne sais quoi to the venue before the arrival on Sunday evening of iconic punk poet John Cooper Clarke as part of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival - one of the events that sold out long before the annual festival began.

Adventure comedy ‘Epic’ (U) returns on Saturday and Sunday for lunchtime family entertainment.

As we head into July there are more outstanding offerings planned, including the live streaming of Macbeth, with Kenneth Branagh, from the Manchester International Festival on July 20.

For full details of all forthcoming screenings, call 01422 842807 or visit