Take flight and to enjoy freedom of great outdoors

Celebrating at the end of the morning's shoot for the Gullsedge launch film
Celebrating at the end of the morning's shoot for the Gullsedge launch film

Inspired by the great outdoors - of which there is plenty in the Calder Valley - and the desire to encourage people to push themselves, a new project took cameras up into the hills recently to make a promotional film for its launch.

On a recent weekend you may have seen cameras rolling at Hollins, Hebden Bridge, but on this occasion it wasn’t the television crews filming Sally Wainwright’s latest television drama Happy Valley, who have been seen so much in the area lately!

This time the film-makers were featuring Gullsedge, a Hebden-Bridge based free-to-use online market place for trading new and used outdoor and adventure gear whose community aspect is to encourage families to take their children away from insular, indoor activities to enjoy and explore open spaces the countryside has to offer.

Gullsedge, explains co-founder Karen Hickton, is named from two pieces of literature, the poem “Come To The Edge” by Guillaume Apollinaire, which is about pushing yourself to the limit, and Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, which is about daring to go further than you thought and being free. The team were involved in a community event before Christmas when they sponsored a Project Wild Thing Film screening at Hebden Bridge Picture House. Project Wild Thing features film-maker David Bond, who felt his children’s waking hours were dominated by a cacophony of marketing and a screen dependence he fears is threatening to turn them into glassy-eyed zombies.

David believed that like city kids everywhere, they spend way too much time indoors - and that’s not what it was like in his day. David’s film showed his family getting back to nature, literally, re-connecting them with the muddy green spaces that used to provide so much enjoyment.

The website launches on March 31 and in the run-up Gullsedge took their cameras out and about to shoot a short promotional film which will be put out through the website www.gullsedge.co.uk and its other social media including Facebook (facebook.com/gullsedge), twitter (@gullsedge) and You Tube.

Annabelle Howard-Simpson explained that there is many a time when people may stumble upon some outdoor gear they once bought tucked away in a loft or garage, and the website aimed to allow potential buyers and sellers to get in touch without Gullsedge otherwise being involved with either, in the hope that dormant equipment may be used again for outdoor learning and fun.

“Gullsedge is quite interactive and the aim is to build up a community theme. It’s totally free to go on there and we’re also having a word of mouth section and a monthly children’s section, encouraging them to get outside. The film took several hours to make and we were up early to do it. We hope people will enjoy finding out what we are about,” she said.

For more information see the social media listed or telephone 07928 758443.