The very best, and plenty of fun, is in store; Todmorden Agricultural Show, Saturday, June 21, 2014

Todmorden Agricultural Show returns to Centre Vale Park on June 21, 2014
Todmorden Agricultural Show returns to Centre Vale Park on June 21, 2014

All creatures great and small - and yes, that does include we humans too - can be seen at their best at Todmorden Agricultural Show, which returns to the showground at Centre Vale Park, Burnley Road, Todmorden, on Saturday, June 21.

And if you’re up early enough, you can make a day of it.

The show day begins around 7am when the goats are inspected, and by 8am the first classes in the horse section will see animals and owners going through their paces - and events will be going on in the horse section main ring throughout the day.

There are hundreds and hundreds of classes across all sections, from the smallest competitors, in the fur and feather and ferret tents, through to the big beasts that command the attention, the finest sheep, the majestic cattle and the stunning shire horses.

And you don’t have to be pedigree to join in - the children’s pet show and the fun classes held by the dog section are just delightful and give the show character alongside the prime specimens!

Human endeavours, and this year with a Tour De France theme, can be seen in the arts and crafts tent where the very best in local skills covering everything from baking to woodworking via art, handwriting, photography, model-making and more, can be seen.

You can shop till you drop, sample the best in local produce and cast your eye over some gleaming vintage vehicles, all the while keeping an eye open for the great displays and special attractions lined up for the events ring.

Plan your day well and there is a good chance you will see most of what’s going on - give yourself plenty of time, have a good look around, and enjoy it.