This is where you can pick and mix your own Quality Street tin

Quality Street is made in Halifax
Quality Street is made in Halifax

As thousands of the iconic tins make their way out of the Halifax factory ready to be enjoyed by families up and down the country, John Lewis stores are inviting people to create their own tins this Christmas.

Eleven stores will be offering a pick and mix service where customers can choose their three favourite flavours of the Nestle treats to create a one-of-a-kind tin.

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The pick and mix tins will cost £12 and is available now until 23 December.

The 12 Quality Street flavours that you can fill your tin with are:

The Purple One: Milk chocolate filled with hazelnut and caramel (purple wrapper)

Green Triangle: Hazelnut noisette (green foil wrapper)

Chocolate Toffee Finger (gold wrapper)

Strawberry Delight (red wrapper)

Caramel Swirl (yellow foil wrapper)

Milk Choc Block (green wrapper)

Orange Crunch (orange foil wrapper)

Orange Creme (orange wrapper)

Fudge (pink wrapper)

Coconut Eclair (blue wrapper)

Toffee Penny (gold wrapper)

Honeycomb Crunch (golden brown wrapper)

Toffee Deluxe (brown wrapper)

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The John Lewis stores offering the service are Trafford Centre in Manchester, Liverpool, Cheadle, White City in London, Oxford Street in London, High Wycombe, Bluewater in Kent, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cambridge and Kingston in London.

Last year, the BBC's Inside the Christmas Factory took a behind the scenes look at how the chocolates that go into the Quality Street tins are made in Halifax.

Masterchef's Gregg Wallace was shown how the factory produces a staggering two million tins of festive chocolate assortments a year.

He followed the production of the Toffee Finger, Orange Crunch and Strawberry Delight from start to finish.

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