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Latest news

Todmorden Christian Fellowship is inviting everyone to join us at our regular meetings in 2014.

It’s January again, the time for new beginings and new starts.

January, named after the two headed god Janus who can look forwards and backwards at the same time (handy trick) - is often a time for resolutions, starting diets (and often finishing them too), trying new things, buying settees and maybe booking holidays, writes Rita Frayne, of the Fellowship.

For many it is also a time of reflection, looking over the last year. Some people find this time of the year difficult with the post Christmas stupour, grey days and that Monday morning feeling.

At Christmas time Todmorden Christian Fellowship looked at Jesus being the “Light of the world”, working through ordinary people and doing extraordinary things. As we start the New Year we are looking to Jesus as our light and hope for the year to come.

We are a group of ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds who have experienced God’s light in dark places. We now meet on Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 4pm at the Central Methodist Church, Bramsche Square, Todmorden.

We join for informal worship, prayer and time to seek what God wants us to do in Todmorden.

On the last Sunday of each month, we meet to explore God’s creativity through crafts, games, songs and activities. This is suitable for all ages: young, old and those in-between!

Details of how you can get in touch are featured above.

May God bless you and show his love to you this day and hope for the year to come.