£100 ‘cuts’ will help youth centre

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A STYLIST has stepped in to help local youth centre members who lost a television, a Wii, an X-Box and a camera after thieves struck at their Todmorden Community College headquarters two weeks ago.

Stone Hair Art, Burnley Road, Todmorden, run by top stylist Loucas and front-of-house Trevor, have donated two colouring cuts, worth £100 each, to be raffled.

Todmorden Youth Centre members will be selling £1 raffle tickets next Thursday, February 16, at £1 each and the raffle will be drawn later on that day.

From noon to 3pm they will be selling tickets at Todmorden Sports Centre, Todmorden Community College, at Stone Hair Art and at Todmorden Market.

The raffle will then be drawn at Todmorden Community College at 7.30pm.