£110,000 gas upgrade to ensure safe supply

Todmorden will receive a £110,000 gas upgrade to ensure a continued safe and reliable supply of gas for decades.

Northern Gas Networks is paying for the work which involves replacing around a kilometre of ageing metal gas main with more durable, plastic pipe.

Upgrades will be carried out on an 800m section of Rochdale Road as well as Copperas House Terrace, Gauxholme Stones, Mona’s Terrace, Stones Terrace, Pellon Street and Alma Road.

The work, which will be carried out by engineers from Enterprise on behalf of the area’s gas pipeline owner, is expected to start this week and be completed in late May.

In order to carry out the work safely, Alma Road will be closed at its junction with Rochdale Road for two weeks when engineers are working on that section of the project.

Two-way traffic lights may be put in place on Rochdale Road for part of the work.

Tony Thompson, Northern Gas Networks’ area operations manager, said: “We are going to start work on this section without temporary lights as we are mindful that this is a very busy road and we want to minimise disruption wherever possible.

“However, should it become obvious once we are on site that traffic lights are needed for safety reasons, we will have to put them in place.”

All customers affected by the work have been contacted by letter. A customer liaison officer will be available on site to advise traders and residents regarding progress.

Mr Thompson said: “This project has been planned very carefully and it is our priority to get in and out as quickly and safely as possible to allow our customers to start benefitting from the upgrades.

“We use modern technology wherever possible to cut the number of excavations we make. In addition, the new pipes we are putting in are more durable and flexible with an expected lifespan of around 80 years, so the good news is that once we are done in this part of Todmorden, we won’t need to come back for some time.”

l Will the benefits of the upgrade outweigh any disruption during the work? Email todnews@todmordennews.co.uk