28 stitches for dad who fell into canal after chasing to catch ball

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A DAD had 28 stitches in a head wound after he fell in the canal chasing a football.

David Whitehead was at Bellholme last weekend watching his son Harry play for Todmorden Borough against GSK Ulverston Rangers.

When the ball went out of play, David chased it down the slope towards the canal but could not stop in time and ended up in the water.

He banged his head against the bottom of the canal and was taken to hospital for treatment.

“The ball was going slow enough that I thought I could catch it,” David said.

“As it went down the hill, I ran quicker to try to catch it. My momentum was too quick and I couldn’t stop before I went into the water.

“With not being able to see the bottom, I thought it was perfectly fine to jump in.

“It was a shock when I hit the bottom.

“I feel a bit daft really. It happened so fast.”

David, 54, picked up an infection in the fall which has resulted in facial swelling.

“I’m taking 40 tablets a day to get all this sorted out,” he said.

David thanked the Ulverston team physio who came to his aid and everybody who helped him after the accident.

“I have had such a great reception since. People have been ringing up and asking me about it,” he said.

“It’s been a bit overwhelming really. The reaction of the people there who helped me was really nice.”