£500,000 for fish project

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Plans for a fish farm in Todmorden have been approved.

Incredible Edible Ltd has been given the green light by Calderdale Council to create the aquaponics unit and classroom at Todmorden High School.

The building will be funded by a £500,000 lottery grant awarded to the organisation in February.

Fish and food will be grown using a recirculating system, creating a controlled and sustainable environment.

Among the fish which could be included in the farm are carp, koi, tilapia and sturgeon – from which caviar is derived.

Fish waste will help fertilise the plants and fruit and veg will be grown around the site and on the roof.

Barnaby Fryer, chair of directors for the Incredible Edible food hub project, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled and looking forward to making something special.

“Todmorden High School is one of the most improved in the country and we’re delighted to be working with them,” he said.

He added that while the group could not put a date on when work would begin, he expected the project to be completed by the end of the year.

“The real challenge starts now and we want to make sure we do a good job and make sure that the children from the school are involved all the way through.”

Incredible Edible has become internationally renowned for its success planting orchards, vegetables and herbs in public places and engaging the community.

Visitors have travelled from all over the UK and abroad to see the project, including Prince Charles, who described it as a shining example of how individuals can support each other to live more sustainable lives.

The project has won a Yorkshire and Humber Market Town Award, and been showcased at the Royal Horticultural Hall, London.