A summer reminder of what we’re all about

Tending to Stawberry Hepburn
Tending to Stawberry Hepburn
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IN the heart of summer, as fruit ripens and we enjoy the sun (all too briefly!), here’s a reminder of what Incredible Edible’s all about.

When it comes to facing up to the really big issues, it’s often the simplest things that get us through.

Local food is a great example.

We grow and campaign for local food.

From Todmorden to Totnes, Wilmslow to Wakefield, and way beyond our national boundaries, in Ireland, Spain, Canada and Ghana – people get the idea.

More local food. More local jobs. Less petrol used up carrying stuff from place to place.

It’s a can-do thing.

We can grow food outside the railway station: the brassica’s ready now, come and pick some!

We can take unloved corners of land and make them food heavens: pluck a few herbs from Burnley Road herb garden right now, it’s looking lovely, or stop by the police station for a cabbage.

We can grow things up walls: we plan to do amazing things along the new Green Route around Tod.

Towns and city communities are getting the Incredible bug.

They’ve seen what we do and realised they can do it for themselves.

Add to the mix learning basic skills all over again.

We’ve already been spreading the word about growing and cooking, bees and business – this autumn we’ll be in sports centres, pubs and the market, not just in schools and classes.

Plus we’re at the forefront of campaigning to use the pound in our pockets to support local growers and markets – and to attract more visitors to our Incredible home.

We’ve got community, learning and business all focussed on putting local food centre stage - without anyone asking for permission.

How Incredible is that?

Check out our website.

More volunteers always welcome!