A taste of what’s been grown and lots to watch, learn and enjoy

Cooking up at the Incredible Harvest Festival
Cooking up at the Incredible Harvest Festival

All is safely gathered in - and a fair amount of produce harvested by Incredible Edible was also served up to those who called in at Pollination Street, Bramsche Square, for their Harvest Festival last Sunday.

Through the afternoon, the festival, right in the centre of Todmorden and right next to Todmorden market, where the Market Hall began the first of a series of Sunday openings to allow businesses to trade on that day if they wished, offered free music, fun and food.

Aqua Garden community food inspirer Alison Jones was able to give taste of its work - literally in the case of some tasty treats cooked up on the spot.

The Aqua Garden, a not-for-profit company set up as a collaboration between Incredible Edible Todmorden Ltd and Todmorden High School, is based at the school’s Ewood Lane site.

Alison said their gazebo at the festival was solidly busy all afternoon, with free food made up of produce grown at the Aqua Garden being given away.

“It’s important to put what do at the Aqua Garden into public view and we talked about aquaponics, giving demonstrations and showed people the produce.

“We also did some cooking serving up with bread an Aqua Garden salsa. We also had the smoothie bike in action turning Aqua Garden berries into smoothies.

“People were particularly interested in our heritage vegetables,” said Alison.

“As community food inspirer I hope to get out more to show people how to cook with the produce available in Todmorden.”