Adamski case still fascinates

RESEARCH into unsolved deaths has brought a retired police officer to Todmorden on the trail of the mysterious Adamski case.

In June 1980 a body was found in J. W. Parker’s coal yard close to Todmorden Railway Station and identified as Ztmund Jan Adamski (57) of Tingley.

A post mortem said he had died of natural causes suffering a heart attack but he had burns to his head and neck. How his body came to be there and how and where he had died remains a mystery to this day.

Mr John Hanson, a retired officer from the West Midlands, is currently researching background material for a book on unsolved cases and said he was “fascinated” by the Adamski case.

He is launching an appeal to try and obtain a photograph, or film, of the railway station, showing the location and the coal yard as it was in the 1980s.

‘‘I have been unable to even track down a photo of the station itself never mind the coal yard despite many searches through the internet, postcards and railway magazines and books,’’ he said.

Police were said to be “baffled” at the time over the five lost days between the Polish ex-pat disappearing from his Leeds home and the discovery of his body on the coal heap. His shirt, wallet and wristwatch were missing and there was no evidence of his movements in the five days. It was said he had been alive between eight and ten hours before his body was found and that he had no connection with the town.

‘‘I recently travelled up to the station and spoke to Alan Godfrey, one of the police officers who attended at the scene,’’ said Mr Hanson. ‘‘I also spoke to Trevor Parker who found the body and was most helpful. Unfortunately he does not have any photos of the coalyard as it was in 1980.’’

Mr Godfrey, a police constable at the time, made the headlines five months after the mystery death when it was revealed he was one of several officers who had seen a UFO in Burnley Road, Todmorden.

A ‘close encounter’ or UFO link with the body was reported in the national and international press who converged on the town in the following year but this possibility was ruled out by police who were still appealing for information. Later that year the investigation was dropped and officers were forbidden to speak to the press about the case when a security clampdown began.

In recent years Mr Godfrey, who has appeared on television many times, including the legendary “Johnny Carson Show”, the biggest chat show in America, has also raised money for local charities giving talks on his experiences.

Mr Hanson can be contacted at 31, Red Lion Street, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, B48 7LG, if anyone has any photos or film of the area involved.