Alan tells UFO story - in his own words

If there is a story that has long gripped imagination it is that of the strange events that swept up serving police officer Alan Godfrey one night in November, 1980.

Tuesday, 3rd October 2017, 10:39 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th October 2017, 3:12 pm
Its time: Alan Godfrey
Its time: Alan Godfrey

In the decades since then the account given - from sketches made in his pocket book to interviews given under hypnosis - Alan’s story of being abducted, subject to experiments and returned by an alien spacecraft has been one of the most documented in the world.

Alan has always said that consciously he cannot remember what happened in the segment of time he was “missing” during his night-time West vYorkshire Police shift, but what he does know and think about events that had a profound effect on his life you can soon read in his own words when his autobiography is launched with a two-day signing session at Lyall’s bookshop, Rochdale Road, Todmorden town centre, from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, October 14 and 15.

Who Or What Were They? (£12.50), has been written with the help of leading UFOlogist and author Jenny Randles. It is also available via ebay books.

It covers Alan’s whole story, from arriving in Todmorden as a boy and including his involvment as a serving officer in the mysterious case of Zygmund Adamaski, the Polish worker from Tingley who was found dead on top of the coal heap at Todmorden Railway Station with unexplained burns to his head just months before Alan’s own experience.

“I go through everything that happened to me. The last chapter is called ‘Back to the Future’, which is me talking today about my own concusions as to what’s happened and why it’s happened,” he said. “I used to be embarrassed about it all but now I have raised thousands and thousands of pounds for charities talking about it.

“The book title has a double meaning, people assume it is aliens - but..? It needed to be told.”