All made welcome at Pride

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TODMORDEN Pride must properly represent mainstream opinion in Todmorden but also have the confidence to set out its choices when necessary.

Speaking after its annual meeting, chairman Mr James Gregory said the board remained resolutely non-political and happy to work closely with all elected council members who showed an interest in its work.

Its meetings are all open and informal and everyone was welcome to attend, he said.

The group is also open to fresh formal members but in particular needed to hear from those with experience and skills in fundraising and public realm project management, he added.

Key skills and technical support were crucial in developing or influencing projects. Prior to 2010 Todmorden Pride already had the advantage of a membership which included two chartered engineers, a chartered surveyor, David Storah of Storah Architecture, and others with relevant expertise.

During 2010 the board had the advantage of assistance from Dr Lindsay Smales and were pleased to welcome Ivor Dibble, a local architect with national commercial experience but with a strong conservation background.

He was now working on projects in Cornholme, where in the past Todmorden Pride has not made progress, with committed and skilled project workers Rachel Johns and Liz Hinchliffe, said Mr Gregory.

l MORE from Todmorden Pride’s annual meeting in next week’s edition