An emotional head shave for three causes

Jenny Baldwin with Ani and Yasmin Bari showing the plaits for the Little Princess Trust, at Stone Hiar Art, Todmorden.
Jenny Baldwin with Ani and Yasmin Bari showing the plaits for the Little Princess Trust, at Stone Hiar Art, Todmorden.

When a Todmorden woman and her mum had their heads shaved at a local salon last weekend, they helped not just one good cause but three.

Ani Bari, a client of Stone Hair Art, Burnley Road, Todmorden, asked her stylist Jenny Baldwin if she would shave her head and also her mother Yasmin Bari’s to help her friend Chantelle Richardson and other charities.

The head shave was in support of the charities Changing Faces and the Stroke Association, for which Chantelle’s boyfriend Darren Long is undertaking a “40b4Forty” challenge, and the plaits of hair cut will go to help the Little Princess charity, which uses the hair to provide wigs for children who have lost their hair while undergoing cancer treatment.

It was also, said Ani, a gesture of support for Chantelle.

Chantelle, who is 27, has spent 12 years having life saving operations to help her beat the rare disease she has, Arterio Venuous Malformation (an abnormal connection between artereis and veins).

An AVM is usually congenital, meaning it dates to birth. An AVM can develop anywhere in the body but occurs most often in the brain or spine, explained Ani.

“At the end of October 2014 she went in to have a routine operation. There were complications. She had a massive stroke, a third of her skull had to be removed and she was placed into a induced coma for 12 days.

“We did not know whether or not she would survive.

“ Luckily she did and is now undergoing intense rehabilitation and we now know due to the care and support from the medical professionals she is likely to regain the ability to walk.

“We are still waiting to see wether she will regain full use of her left arm.

“Changing Faces has helped her with her facial deformity due to AVM and the Stroke Association has helped her get back on her feet.

“She has had many obstacles thrown at her throughout her life but through it all she has remained positive and has never given up on her dreams.She is a role model to everyone, male or female,” said Ani.

“Every little helps, if you acn donate please go to the following link

“If you can gift aid it, even better.”

Darren is tackling a number of fundraising challenges for the two charities which he is to complete in the year before he is 40.

Challenge 12 is getting 40 people to shave their head between February and November. As well as Ani and Yasmin, Ani’s boyfriend Josiah Knight has also had his head shaved.

Salon manager Trevor Harding said Stone Hair Art, headed by stylist Loucas Guiorgio, were pleased to help raise awareness of the two charities - Changing Faces ( ) and Stroke Association ( - as well as Jenny undertaking the cuts.

“Ani and her Mother Yasmin arrived at the salon at 9am on February 21 to have their hair shaved.

“Ani’s long hair was plaited into seven sections and individually cut by Jenny to be donated to the Little Princess Trust.

“It was an emotional but great day for our team to show their community consciousness by donating their time for this worth while cause.

“If any long haired ladies are interested in donating their hair, please contact Stone Hair Art,” said Trevor.