Anglers worry as fish washed down canal

ANGLERS have criticised British Waterways after fish were washed down the Rochdale Canal.

Ray Barber, of Todmorden Angling Society, has made an official complaint about the work to rebuild the lock chamber and install new lock gates at lock 26 in Walsden,

Mr Barber said a clay barrier put in place to hold the water in that section was removed without shutting the lock gates first, resulting in fish being washed down the canal.

“There are no fish left between locks 26 and 27,” he said. “It’s just an absolute nightmare.

“Nobody will be fishing on there until British Waterways comes along with some money to put some fish in or it re-populates itself over the next two to five years.”

He is also concerned about the removal of trees from the canal bank between locks 34 and 35 at Summit.

David Baldacchino, waterway manager at Manchester and Pennine Waterways, said: “We are launching an internal investigation into Mr Barber’s complaints and will respond direct to him once the investigation is complete.”