Animal studies and school visit on African trek

Emma Stroud, Jess Norcliffe and Lucy Carr, who are among a group of Todmorden High School students going on an expedition to Kenya
Emma Stroud, Jess Norcliffe and Lucy Carr, who are among a group of Todmorden High School students going on an expedition to Kenya

A GROUP of students are preparing for the trip of a lifetime to Africa.

Emma Stroud, Jess Norcliffe and Lucy Carr are among the group of Todmorden High School sixth formers travelling to Kenya next month to study animals in their natural habitat.

The trip will also include a visit to a local orphanage and school.

The students are looking forward to setting off in a few weeks’ time after achieving challenging targets to secure their place on the expedition.

In order to cover the cost of the trip, the group organised numerous events over the past few months to raise the required funds.

These included a car wash around the Shade area.

“It turned out to be more successful than we expected as people were extremely generous and donated additioanl money after hearing more about the expedition,” Emma said.

The students also produced a game featuring a map of Kenya and native animals which, with the lure of chocolates and sweets as prizes, proved very popular.

Thanks to the generosity of the general public, teachers and other students at the high school, it was a big success.

Lucy said: “Not only did the opportunity allow us to raise more money for the Kenya expedition, it helped raise awareness of the expedition and the aims of the trip.

“It also developed our organisation and communication skills.”

The students also ran stalls at open days and parents’ evenings, selling a variety of accessories which were hand-made locally.

A ten-mile sponsored walk was organised in November but, due to bad weather, saw only a few students brave the elements.

The hardy souls who completed the walk through wind and hail collected money from people in the local area along the route.

In addition to raising money to go on the trip, the students have had to think about how they can raise funds for the people of the village they will be visiting.

The high school’s art department offered the students participating in the expedition the chance to package and sell cards designed by fellow pupils.

The cards are sold by the school and a percentage of the money made is given to the Kenya fund within school.

In recent months, the fund has provided a water pump for the village and provided books and stationery for a school in the area.

Emma said: “After returning from the expedition, we will continue raising money so that we are able to provide more for the areas we visit.”

Emma, Jess and Lucy thanked their teachers for their help organising events over the past few months, as well as everybody who has contributed to the amount of money raised for both the expedition and the school’s Kenya fund.