At that date, it’s Edwardian...

HAVING just read an interesting article about Ferney Lee school celebrating its centenary in 2012 (TN, December 29), I am hoping that there was a misprint in the paper or at least slip of the jounalist’s pen when it was stated that “the school is organising a Victorian day when the children will dress as they would have done in 1912.”

I know a lot of things change in education, and that schools do need to find new ways of presenting subjects,

but hopefully they have stopped short from changing historical dates - because when I went to school we were taught that the Victorian era ended in 1901!

But to be fair, I expect that there were some children from poorer families still wearing Victorian clothes in 1912. Happy centenary to Ferney Lee school whatever they end up wearing!

Julie Tomkins, Todmorden.

Editor’s note: It is Edwardian but the school said this day will be Victorian.