Back in ‘53, they were on the BBC too!

The 1953 players
The 1953 players

A Pace Egg performer of the past sent us this super picture of the then Hebden Bridge Grammar School performers about to take out their production more than 60 years ago.

Allen Clayton wrote to us and said: “For some years, I have thought about sending these photos for possible publication in the Hebden Bridge Times.

“Now that they are digitised, I thought I would have a go!

“They were posed photographs on the playing field in front of Calder High School, at Easter 1953.”

Allen said: “The pupils were in their fifth year and had been directed in the performance by History Master, Mr Gledhill.

“In the walking picture, Raymond Brock is third from the left; Allan Mottershead is fifth from the left and Glyn Roberts is sixth from the left. I, myself, am second from the left. Sadly, Raymond passed away a few years ago.

“I am in frequent touch with Glyn (who lives in southern England), but have no idea where the other members of the cast are now.”

Allen also sent in a second picture showing ‘Bold Slasher’ being resuscitated by the ‘Doctor’.

It was certainly a red letter year for the young players, as Allen adds: “That same year, the play was performed and recorded on to large wax discs by BBC Manchester in the playground of the old Hebden Bridge Grammar School.

“The Players wore traditional clogs on that occasion, as we did at certain other performance locations on Good Friday morning, to emphasise the ‘clattering’ as we marched around.

“The year 1953 (or thereabouts) was the time that Bernard Ingham, later press secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, became a cub reporter for the Hebden Bridge Times and Paul Barker secured a place at Oxford.

“I remember it well!,” he added.