Bakers reap rewards for their efforts with a range of goodies

ADULT baking results in the show’s arts and crafts section were as follows.

Jar of jelly: 1 and 2, Liz Broadhurst, Mankinholes. Jar of jam: 1, L. Holden, Blackburn; 2, D. Smith, Dean Royd Farm, Walsden. Jar of chutney: 1, Jennifer Town, Pine Road, Todmorden; 2, Anne Clare, Crossley New Road, Todmorden. Jar of lemon cheese: 1, B. Colpman, Todmorden; 2, Janet Cooper, Der Street, Todmorden.

Fruit pie: 1, D. Smith; 2, Jennifer Town. Six scones or one large round: 1, D. Newsome, Far Benthead Farm, Pecket Well; 2, S. Smith, Sunderland House Farm, Luddenden.

Victoria sandwich (jam filling only): 1, Ruth Sutcliffe, Park Road, Todmorden; 2, Ruth Newsome, Great House Farm, Todmorden. Six biscuits: 1, A. McKay, Blackburn; 2, Carol Robertshaw, Commercial Street, Todmorden.

Decorated cake: 1, Mrs Smith, Sunderland House Farm, Luddenden Foot; 2, Anne Newsome, Great House Farm, Todmorden.

Fruit cake: 1, Linda Pickles, Underbank Avenue, Hebden Bridge; 2, D. Smith. Parkin: 1, D. Smith; 2, G. T. Uren, The Glen, Todmorden. Any loaf cake: 1, Paula Rosewarne, Beaumont Street, Todmorden; 2, Paula Barnes, Burnley Road, Todmorden.

Paulinus pie: 1, Sandra Peach/Independent Living Group, Todmorden.