Band ravaged by floods is given £2,000 donation

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Money raised from a special concert in Germany has been donated to Hebden Bridge Junior Band to help them recover from the damage caused by last year’s floods.

Earlier this year, the Band of the Royal Logistics Corps performed in Warstein as part of the Jubilee Weekend to celebrate 20 years of twinning between the town and Hebden Royd.

Members of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society and councillors from Hebden Royd were present at the event which was organised by Warstein’s twinning society (Warsteiner Europafreunde or WEF).

The concert raised €2,626 (£2,000) for flood relief in Hebden Royd.

After some discussions it was proposed that the donation should be made to assist the Hebden Bridge Junior Band.

The money will help the band recover from the damage they suffered in the floods which ravaged much of the area last Christmas.

The band are still in temporary accommodation, and they have lost all their sheet music, their uniforms and some instruments.

Sergeant John Storey, who performed at the concert, had been a founder member of the Junior Band when he was younger.

Birgit Wüllner, president of the WEF, said: “Everybody thought this (the proposed donation) was a wonderful idea.

“The donation represents all we want; common engagement of the two towns and the twinning societies as well as a purpose which shows our activities.

“The Hebden Bridge Junior Band is well known in Warstein and are always welcome.”

Earlier this month the Mayor of Hebden Royd Tony Hodgins and President of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society David Parry presented a cheque for £2,000 at a band meeting.

It was received by band treasurer Mary Johnson and chair Liz Glassbrook.

Mary said: “We were all amazed at the cheque.

“It is a more than generous donation.”