Banners should be banned...

BANNERS on Birdcage Walk should be banned, not charged for, say safety campaigners.

Members of Todmorden Accident Prevention Council heard Coun Anne James inform them that she had spoken with Calderdale Council about concerns the council had over banners draped over the railings at Birdcage Walk, which is situated in front of St Mary’s Church at the town centre roundabout.

It appeared the council were permitting the use of the railings for this purpose and charging for the privilege, they heard.

In contrast, they should remove banners and prosecute where possible those who posted them there, they believe.

Members have been concerned banners are distracting to motorists and felt Calderdale should cease the practice of hiring out space there, and ensure any such banners are removed immediately they are seen.

They said they had information that at least one unreported accident had occurred and another incident of a motorist stopping and holding up traffic while they read banners.

The problem would be ongoing, they felt.

The added that many banners were placed without any payment, which must be considered fly-posting.