Be on guard against ‘bogus’ callers

RESIDENTS are advised to be on their guard for bogus callers who may be operating in ther area.

A Burnley Road resident contacted the Todmorden News this week to say she had sent one away last Thursday after he claimed to have been sent by her builder to do some pointing work on her roof.

But as her builder had just completed some regular roofing work for her, her suspicions were aroused and he confirmed he had not sent anyone.

The police urge residents to check the identification of anyone claiming to be a workman or other official, particularly if they call without an appointment.

Inspector Dave Browning, from the Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Before you open the door check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer. If you have a chain, only open the door when it is secured.

“Get a good look at the caller’s clothing and identification - most officials will have proper identification.

“Just as this lady has done, if you have any doubts ask them to wait while you ring up to verify that they are genuine.

“Never feel pressured. You don’t have to let people in to carry out unannounced work.”