Be patient, as big freeze means we have challenging time ahead

Frosty reception - daffodils poke their heads through the snow
Frosty reception - daffodils poke their heads through the snow

Gardeners are usually optimistic characters. We like making plans and looking ahead. But right now we are having a very challenging time!

We have endured wet winter months, followed by unseasonably low temperatures, strong winds with heavy snowfall in the last week of March, writes Todmorden In Bloom members.

Virtually the day after Todmorden in Bloom’s last newspaper article, we were informed that the Yorkshire in Bloom Judges had been forced to cancel their Spring Judging (for the first time ever) due to inclement weather conditions. The RHS appointed Judges had just two and a half weeks from the end of March to get around assessing all the towns and villages in the entire county of Yorkshire who had entered the annual RHS competition.

We were sent a questionnaire to complete and now expect the Judges during July to mark Todmorden for our summer displays and community involvement. The Todmorden in Bloom portfolio, beautifully executed by one of our newer members, has shown the Judges evidence of our recent work.

As keen experienced gardeners will realise, the ground is now like a refrigerator. The chilling effects and ravages of the past months will unfortunately slow down growth this coming season. Plants need warmth. If the soil is too cold, seeds will just rot and seedlings will shrivel and could die. Please be patient for a while yet.

Todmorden in Bloom would like to thank all those who helped us have a successful market stall and street collection on Easter Saturday. We collected over £165 towards our future planting schemes. If you would like to join the small friendly group of Todmorden in Bloom, please phone Norman on 01706 812205 or Jean on 01706 817492 or please see