‘Bee’ with us on this new green route...

Busy bees are invited to free workshops in Todmorden and the chance to be part of the town’s first ever Pollination Parade to mark the launch of its new Green Route.

Artists from Handmade Parade will be joining with Incredible Edible Todmorden to create a spectacular Pollination Parade, celebrating bees, blossoms and the magic that happens to make our gardens grow, on Monday June 4.

The parade will start at the Unitarian Church at 2.30pm on June 4, Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday, and will finish in Bramsche Square in time to join the Tod Tea Community Picnic where there’ll be food, music and dancing.

Anyone who would like to join in the fun can take part in the series of free workshops.

A spokesman for the [parade said: “Come and make a bee costume or a bee puppet for the parade. It’s great fun stuff for all ages – cutting, sticking, using your imagination and making cool pollinators. It’s a great way for adults and kids to play together.”

Anyone joining in - see below for full details of each workshop - will work with renowned parade artists Jamima Latimer, Jonny Quick, Alison Duddle and Christina Eddowes.

Incredible Edible Todmorden’s “Bee Spoke Todmorden” project won in the ITV Yorkshire region of the Jubilee People’s Millions contest contest last year, meaning it received £44,714 of funding for a scheme to provide interactive learning, sensory planting, guided walks and maps to illustrate connections between bees and food production.

It was planned that the project would link in with the Green Route, and it is fitting the Jubilee link-up should be completed amid a weekend of celebration. Success also allowed the Beecredible group to promote bees and bee-keeping in the town.

For more details see www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk or www.handmadeparade.co.uk